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Sweet Basil Inc. Food Display

I didn’t come to appreciate food photography until I had the wonderful Jackie Lovato of Lovato Images over for a very fun shoot one day. We decided I will cook a few dishes, plate up and they will be shot as I finish cooking. We had such a great shoot! Got to know each other. Jackie Lovato is one of a kind. She radiates happiness, very fun to work with and very good quality work. I tell people that my food is really good, but Jackie is the one who can make you almost taste it when you see the photographs. Thanks again, Jackie.

Here are some samples of the pictures. Enjoy, my friends!

The weekend starts in about 2 hours! 😀


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My Macarons Slide Show!

In Miami, I ran into a French and an Italian patisserie and they had these little jewels sitting there waiting to reunite with me! Of course, I had to take some home; 7 flavors of them – nutella, passionfruit, rose, black currant, chocolate, pistachio and coconut. All super YUM!! Do you like these picturs below? I think the blue macaron is the most photogenic. Which one do you like the most?

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Ooey Gooey Sweet Sunshine… Topped with Mascarpone Whipped Cream!

My heart aches every time I think of this HEAVENLY French Toast that my husband makes for me on certain special Sundays.
It actually makes those Sundays special all by itself.. single-handedly.
You might think I am exaggerating, but this slice of heaven on a plate keeps me thinking about it the whole week after I had it. The bread is maple syrup and cinnamon flavor you can find at Vons. The dirty little secret to this dish is that the recipe was on the bag of the bread! Really. I almost couldn’t believe my husband at first. It is so super duper good, my friends. You have to try it.
It is so decadent that a portion of just two slices of bread will be just the perfect amount. I know this, because I have tried to have more than the two slices and it was not enjoyable anymore. It is unfair, isn’t it? Like a fun ride that comes to the end before you feel like you had enough. But you also know very well that you can’t enjoy being on it any longer. 🙂 Of course, going to the gym is on the list after this rich meal. It surely needs some working out to work off the guilt! 😉
I will post the full recipe in my soon to come blog when I have a chance to go to Vons next time. 😉 Here, I present to you THE French Toast. Toppings include slices of orange and strawberries with mascarpone whipped cream by yours truly. It is always sinful and I have no regrets.
French Toast
Doesn’t this look like a lot of love? 🙂

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I heart LA’s farmer’s market

Have you been there? I just discovered this place about a year ago. If I can describe it in one word, charming comes to my mind. My first impression was the size and the diversity here. It has multiple shops, bakeries, restaurants with cuisines of the world, and many specialty shops. The one I love the most is “Light My Fire” – they sell hot sauces from around the world. Since I am a Thai cooking instructor, you would think I am into spicy food and that is why I like this shop, but it is the play on words on the labels that I had so much fun browsing through! I won’t be posting any names here, because I will start to blush as I type. Let’s agree on this, we will keep it a secret for you to discover. Soon I hope. 🙂

This is not exactly the typical farmers market you see with mostly stalls of produce. There are multiple small little specialty shops, such as a crepes restaurant, Creole restaurant (great shrimp gumbo!!), bakeries, fresh seafood market, etc. they do have produce, and many exotic imported produce. It was nice to see some things from home on display.  The farmers market is also connected to The Grove, which has many high end stores, chain stores and restaurants. It is the perfect Southern California scene, beautiful people in summer dresses, big sun glasses, with an ice coffee in their hand, strolling up and down the street.

This is the place that you can take ANYONE to and they will just instantly fall in love with it. Guaranteed. It has a certain irresistable charm to it. Great food, great energy, very versatile. I have been there with my husband, my girlfriend and my sister. And there is always something for everyone. I will share some pictures I took and hope you will go visit it sometime when the opportunity comes. I know it is quite a drive. It is sooo worth it, my friends. That is all I would say.

Lunch and people watching. And some posing! 😉

Jelly @ Monsieur Marcel.


Macarons - cookies from the Gods!


Fresh seafood

Soon to be checked off my list. Next trip!

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