I heart LA’s farmer’s market

Have you been there? I just discovered this place about a year ago. If I can describe it in one word, charming comes to my mind. My first impression was the size and the diversity here. It has multiple shops, bakeries, restaurants with cuisines of the world, and many specialty shops. The one I love the most is “Light My Fire” – they sell hot sauces from around the world. Since I am a Thai cooking instructor, you would think I am into spicy food and that is why I like this shop, but it is the play on words on the labels that I had so much fun browsing through! I won’t be posting any names here, because I will start to blush as I type. Let’s agree on this, we will keep it a secret for you to discover. Soon I hope. 🙂

This is not exactly the typical farmers market you see with mostly stalls of produce. There are multiple small little specialty shops, such as a crepes restaurant, Creole restaurant (great shrimp gumbo!!), bakeries, fresh seafood market, etc. they do have produce, and many exotic imported produce. It was nice to see some things from home on display.  The farmers market is also connected to The Grove, which has many high end stores, chain stores and restaurants. It is the perfect Southern California scene, beautiful people in summer dresses, big sun glasses, with an ice coffee in their hand, strolling up and down the street.

This is the place that you can take ANYONE to and they will just instantly fall in love with it. Guaranteed. It has a certain irresistable charm to it. Great food, great energy, very versatile. I have been there with my husband, my girlfriend and my sister. And there is always something for everyone. I will share some pictures I took and hope you will go visit it sometime when the opportunity comes. I know it is quite a drive. It is sooo worth it, my friends. That is all I would say.

Lunch and people watching. And some posing! 😉

Jelly @ Monsieur Marcel.


Macarons - cookies from the Gods!


Fresh seafood

Soon to be checked off my list. Next trip!



  1. LOVE IT, Kan!

    can’t wait for your next post!!

  2. Cindy Heimstaedt said

    It makes me want to be there… LOVE the pictures of the food!!

  3. Binny said


    I really want to learn cooking thai food with you again!!!!

  4. Fresh produce, shrimp gumbo, crepe… I’ll add it to the list of places I want to go before I die. Thanks for sharing Kanchana!

  5. Hi Kanchana! Your blog looks GREAT! All of that food at the Farmers’ Market looks yummy too! – Julia

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