Ooey Gooey Sweet Sunshine… Topped with Mascarpone Whipped Cream!

My heart aches every time I think of this HEAVENLY French Toast that my husband makes for me on certain special Sundays.
It actually makes those Sundays special all by itself.. single-handedly.
You might think I am exaggerating, but this slice of heaven on a plate keeps me thinking about it the whole week after I had it. The bread is maple syrup and cinnamon flavor you can find at Vons. The dirty little secret to this dish is that the recipe was on the bag of the bread! Really. I almost couldn’t believe my husband at first. It is so super duper good, my friends. You have to try it.
It is so decadent that a portion of just two slices of bread will be just the perfect amount. I know this, because I have tried to have more than the two slices and it was not enjoyable anymore. It is unfair, isn’t it? Like a fun ride that comes to the end before you feel like you had enough. But you also know very well that you can’t enjoy being on it any longer. 🙂 Of course, going to the gym is on the list after this rich meal. It surely needs some working out to work off the guilt! 😉
I will post the full recipe in my soon to come blog when I have a chance to go to Vons next time. 😉 Here, I present to you THE French Toast. Toppings include slices of orange and strawberries with mascarpone whipped cream by yours truly. It is always sinful and I have no regrets.
French Toast
Doesn’t this look like a lot of love? 🙂

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  1. soo sweet, on so many levels!

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