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Best Thai Grilled Chicken Recipe by Kanchana Rubino

Quick Thai lesson for today: ‘chicken’ is called Gai, and ‘to grill’- Yang.  

So I wanted to share with you my Gai Yang recipe today. I have been meaning to post it for quite a while now, so I am glad I could do it finally! As it is getting sunnier, warmer and beautiful here in Southern California (as it is most of the year!), it is time to get serious about BBQ again. This recipe is a part of the menu of my Thai cooking lessons. However, it is not so widely known yet and is not requested often as much as I like to share it. It is quite easy to make and above all, the flavors explode with every single bite you take. The secret is in the Cilantro roots, which you can find if you buy your cilantro at a farmer’s market. I usually buy cilantro there and what I do is cut off the stem with the roots and clean the dirt off with a pairing knife under the sink. scrub off as much dirt as you can. Then, pat them dry, put them in a zip top bag and freeze. They last months in the freezer. You can also use it when you make home-made chicken stock for a great aroma. Very mmm mmm good!  

Your friends and family will absolutely love this recipe, I promise! I probably cook this for gatherings at least 20 times a year. And it is still exciting! So here is the recipe and I have pictures step-by-step. I hope you will try it when you have a chance to.  DISCLAIMER: I didn’t have a free hand to take pictures of the end product, since I was busy turning the chicken wings. Be sure to use medium heat and to turn them often for crispy skin and evenly cooked meat!!

Black pepper corn to be freshly cracked.

Garlic & cilantro root

Mash garlic with the cilantro roots.

Black pepper, garlic and cilantro root paste.

Make a paste from pepper, cilantro root and garlic.

Fish Sauce

Add fish sauce(1/4 cup) and sugar (1/2 tbsp) to the paste.

Sauce & chicken wings.

Add the marinate to the chicken.


Marinate at least 4 hours before grilling

So, I hope you will like this recipe. It is super easy and tastier than any other chicken marinate I have ever used myself and I think you will agree with me once you have tried. 

Thai it, you’ll like it!

Kanchana Rubino – – twitter @kanchanarubino


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Thai Cooking Instructor on a Not-So-Spicy Day

I usually get a “wow!”, “yum!” or ” looks soooo good!” for my culinary creations. And I’d better, if I want to teach Thai cooking classes. However, there ARE times when eating, let alone cooking, becomes overrated. Today is one of those rare days that I could only spend literally 2 minutes on the production and a couple of minutes on the destruction (eating ;)). So I returned to one of the classics and it turned out so YUM that I will be repeating. I made a sandwich with peanut butter, Nutella (aka Heaven in a Jar) and banana slices. This is how it looks. Not too shabby ha?

Quite YUM, I must say...

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