Meet my friend, Clawed-ine.

This past weekend was a long and savory weekend spent with friends, family, and relatives. All I need are good food and time with friends and family and I am heaven. 🙂 Really, my friends. These are two, if not the top, of  the most treasured blessings in my life.

I wanted to share with you about this restaurant I went to on Saturday. It is called Tan Cang Newport Seafood in Santa Ana. It is Chinese seafood restaurant, owned by a Vietnamese family. So I assume they are Northern Vietnamese which is influenced a lot by Chinese traditions and ways of life. Lucky for me. 🙂 The restaurant was slam packed. The food is served family style. A friend who is a veteran foodie ordered for our table of eight hungry boys and girls.  

Once you place the order, the food comes out dish-by dish, fast and furious! So bust out your chopsticks and be ready! Seafood doesn’t take long preparing and served as fresh as possible. The highlight of the table was our thirteen-pounder lobster who sacrificed her life for us (which was still alive when we arrived, too. So, very fresh). She was beautiful and luscious. The meat was juicy, the sauce complemented it very well. The lobster was full of row (eggs), which is a delicacy. It was rich and quite yum. We also had orders of garlic pepper squid (THE BEST I have ever had.) It was crispy on the outside and perfectly juicy inside. The seasoning was simple how it should be for good seafood. We also had a crab dish, beef (I didn’t eat that, but heard it was ok), salt and pepper shrimp, chicken, crab and asparagus soup, Chinese broccoli, and mushroom and bok choy in oyster sauce. And boy, did we make a good use of that lazy Susan. We turned it around and around to sample a little LOT of everything.

The freshness of the food was ultimately the best thing I experienced, apart from the feast-like presentation, the hustle and bustle (always a good sign), the reasonable pricing and the fast service. My tip to you is to make reservations, know what seafood you like and they’ll guide you on how it is prepared best, order a kettle of hot tea to help cleanse your palate, and you must arrive there hungry. You will sooo love it!  So, Tan Cang Newport Seafood. Look them up. Hope you will give them a try. Stop by and say hi if you run into me. 😀

Lobster claw

The lobster claw was bigger than my head!

One more shot of the claw

Food is beautiful! 😀

This was the highlight of the night... actually, let's make it the weekend.



  1. I’m hungry now!! Great find for our next business meeting venue. =)

  2. my goodness my mouth is watering! let’s go there NOW!

    (yes it’s 8am on Wednesday, but I don’t care!)

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