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Why everyone should learn to cook?

I am a believer. I believe every single person in the world should know how to cook a fresh healthy meal for themselves. This does not include freshly microwaved pre-done meal. Here are the reasons why everyone should know how to cook.

1. Cut out salt and fat intake Home cooked food has way less amount of salt and fat that the restaurants have to include in every single dish they rush out of their kitchens. Salt and fat are tasty to our our tastebuds and the more we get it, the more we get used to loading up on them.

2. Healthy wallets An average meal (criteria – taste and quality) can easily cost at lease $5 – 10. And you know that you can cook at home for so much less money. Especially, if you cook a big batch of soups, curries and freeze them up. you can easily cook about 10 meals for under $20-25. Keep the money and spend it on things that are more rewarding, like fixing something at home, going on a weekend trip, or just chiling at home with a nice bottle of wine and conversation with your loved ones.

3. Wind down from your day Cooking is one of many creativity outlets. Life becomes routine – get up, get ready work, come home, TV… 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year. Cooking takes you out of the routine and brings in adventure, creativity, waking up your senses with smells, colors, touch, and taste. You will find yourself forgetting about your day in no time if you cook at the end of your day.

4. Bonding with family  At the very least, your kids, spouse, partner will ask what is being served up and then the conversation starts from there. Imagine the appreciation from the person you feed a nice meal while sharing the events of your days and lives. Did you know, that there are researches that show that children who eat with their familes perform better academically and are psychologically healthier than those who don’t? They also have higher self esteem from having a chance to spend time with their heroes – parents. Remember when we were kids? Our parents were the coolest people in our world!

Cooking is a fun and healthy way of showing love. Be it to yourself or your loved ones.

Til then! 🙂


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Quinoa… (keen-wa) Super-Duper Food

Dear rice lovers, how are you? I have good news for you today. If you don’t already know it, quinoa is a great choice for you to have for an alternative of rice. In fact, quinoa and rice even play well together. Since you can cook quinoa the same way that you would cook rice, you can start with doing a ‘half and half’ trial so you can get used to the quinoa flavor- which, if you ask me, needs no getting used to at all.

Quinoa tastes nutty with fluffy textire similar to rice.. a little bit towards the al dente side. It is LOADED with high amount of protein and amino acids that your body will love. Not only that, it also has a lot of fiber an essential nutritional benefits that you can’t find in rice or any other grains. 

Give it a little try! You will love it, I promise!

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Get Yammin’

Today’s superfood.. drum rolls….. Yam!

I have been looking for healthier alternatives for carbs and try to mix wholegrains into my meals for all their health benefits. For example, adding quinoa in my brown rice to make it healthier. So, I went to my church the Asian market and saw these beutiful yams. (To admit to you… my first thoughts were Samantha from Sex and the City II and her craze about yams.) Then, I remembered later I have read great things about them just the other day. So I decided to cook some for dinner. They are high in fiber and also plant based estrogen, which helps us ladies to have a healthy amount of estrogen in us. I won’t bore you with this info. You can go to the link above and study all about yams. They are tasty and so super healthy. 🙂 Totally should be a staple in anyones house!

Hope you will look for these little beauties and cook them up. Enjoy!

Side dish of yam sauteed with herbed salt.

Side dish of yam sauteed with herbed salt. YUM!!

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