Quinoa… (keen-wa) Super-Duper Food

Dear rice lovers, how are you? I have good news for you today. If you don’t already know it, quinoa is a great choice for you to have for an alternative of rice. In fact, quinoa and rice even play well together. Since you can cook quinoa the same way that you would cook rice, you can start with doing a ‘half and half’ trial so you can get used to the quinoa flavor- which, if you ask me, needs no getting used to at all.

Quinoa tastes nutty with fluffy textire similar to rice.. a little bit towards the al dente side. It is LOADED with high amount of protein and amino acids that your body will love. Not only that, it also has a lot of fiber an essential nutritional benefits that you can’t find in rice or any other grains. 

Give it a little try! You will love it, I promise!


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