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Where have I been? Heaven and back!

So my dear readers, how have you been? Hope you are enjoying summer almost as much as I am. : )

I went on a vacation in Bend, Oregon for a week and wanted to share some pictures with you. First of all, I have to say thank you to Jim and Gwen, the couple that I look up to so very much! They were the most gracious hosts! I learned to skip rocks, make lemon meringue pie, had stew for the first time (I know, it’s exciting for a Thai girl!, ok?!?), I found out that pine barks smell like vanilla. It was like walking in a muffin forest!! It was so mesmerizing to be in nature. All of this, because of Jim and Gwen. I adore them! 🙂 Thank you for everything, Jim and Gwen. 

Really my friends, life is nothing if our memory bank account has nothing to show for it. That is time with friends and family and all your loved ones.

Here are some pictures from the trip. Mostly, they are from our kayaking trip. Hope you will enjoy seeing them.

Jim & Gwen and John & Kan

Jim & Gwen and John & Kan

Paddling off into the sunset, as Gwen would call it. 🙂

Pit stop at a little lagoon for delicious lunch! We totally worked for it!

Pit stop at a little lagoon for delicious lunch! We totally worked for it!

John is so happy. Can you see? Even his kayak is glowing!

Don't even think about it! This paddle stays with me! 🙂





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Sweet Basil Inc. Food Display

I didn’t come to appreciate food photography until I had the wonderful Jackie Lovato of Lovato Images over for a very fun shoot one day. We decided I will cook a few dishes, plate up and they will be shot as I finish cooking. We had such a great shoot! Got to know each other. Jackie Lovato is one of a kind. She radiates happiness, very fun to work with and very good quality work. I tell people that my food is really good, but Jackie is the one who can make you almost taste it when you see the photographs. Thanks again, Jackie.

Here are some samples of the pictures. Enjoy, my friends!

The weekend starts in about 2 hours! 😀

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My Macarons Slide Show!

In Miami, I ran into a French and an Italian patisserie and they had these little jewels sitting there waiting to reunite with me! Of course, I had to take some home; 7 flavors of them – nutella, passionfruit, rose, black currant, chocolate, pistachio and coconut. All super YUM!! Do you like these picturs below? I think the blue macaron is the most photogenic. Which one do you like the most?

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